Essay on Health is Wealth

Most essays on health is wealth can be boring if they don’t have fresh inputs

An essay on health is wealth is probably one of the commonest tasks that a student is entrusted with at school level. You need a fresh perspective to keep the essay interesting. Now that is the problem; how do you find a new or interesting fact to put into an old and much-used topic? This is where we come in – is the best place to find tips that can make a boring essay completely different, with a few master strokes. Apart from the tips we give students, we also offer our services as editors and proofreaders. This ensures that your essays are better than those of your peers.

Think of some of these new ideas for your health is wealth essay and global warming essays

1. Abraham Maslow and the age-old adage

In a paper titled, A Theory of human Motivation, Abraham Maslow propounded his theory of a hierarchy of needs. He asserted that a person would need to fulfill basic needs before he moved on to higher-order needs such as self-esteem, morality and creativity. In line with this, health would be a basic priority; the creation of wealth would follow later on. Health is therefore not just wealth, but much more valuable. Your essay could explore the adage and relate it to Maslow’s theory.

2. Health is wealth – a teenager’s perspective

Writing essays on health is wealth seem to be quite at divergence with the views of most teenagers today. Fast bikes, loud music, trendy clothes and the attractive opposite sex – these are things that occupy the minds of most teenagers today. Therefore, if you were to do a small survey of the teen thoughts on this topic, you will find that they are quite different from those of grownups. It would be an interesting perspective to explore and write on.

3. Can health be sacrificed for wealth?

This is indeed a scary question; but it is one that is being repeatedly debated among various groups of people. In these times of economic problems, to a large extent, survival depends on the amount of money you can earn. One does not have much time to take care of health problems that could be plaguing them for a very long time. At some point, a decision is taken where health has to take a backseat. When you write your essay on health is wealth, you could examine this debate and present views of different people on the issue.

Writing essays on health is wealth

Though this might sound like an easy topic, it is always better to talk to different groups and strata of people to begin with. This is the best way that you can get an idea of what makes people tick – health, wealth or both! Try to go through our essay examples and you will find some useful suggestions too.

An essay on health is wealth is not all that difficult if you are prepared to take into account the various perspectives of diverse groups of people. Also remember that our writing experts can give you tips to freshen up your essay with interesting inputs and anecdotes.


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