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This study covers the assignment system that is to be implemented by the Blink wink wellness attention Trust. The intent of this study is to analyse the demands enquired from the assorted working professionals that are involved and to use their valuable suggestions for developing a more efficient system that could be implemented across wink blink of an eye associated infirmaries.

Footings of Mention

GP – Refers to the General Practitioner working in his/her surgery.

Nurse – Refers to the nurses that work in the infirmary.

Advisers – Refers to the experient GP working in Hospitals.

Referral type – Refers to the type of referral that is to be made.

HCI – Human Computer Interface i.e. the interface which is seeable to the user.

Scope of Requirements

After the successful trial tallies and smooth running of the system, assorted ascents can be incorporated.

Ease of up-gradation of package from a lower version to a higher version.

A more efficient SMS-system can be used where messages could be sent to patient informing him/her about his/her assignment.

Ranking of the infirmaries and advisers within blink wink wellness attention trust with regard to clinical public presentation can be incorporated subsequently on.

A service subdivision can be introduced in the web based portal where patients can hold a good apprehension of how the patient himself/herself can lend in proper operation of the system.

How Report was Prepared

Exploratory research method was used to measure the demand list, coupled with questionnaires in the signifier of interviews were conducted.

Interviewing – With Representatives stand foring GP, Nurse Staff, Consultant and CEO himself.

Requirements – After the initial questioning a demands list was prepared.

Use Cases and Specifications – Three Usecase ‘s were constructed which show the message/data flow between assorted Actors.

Main Dialogue Specifications – Explains the Logic involved at each phase.

Non Functional Requirements – These are the important non functional demands which were included to do the web page more presentable and robust.

Initially, the instance survey of Blink wink wellness attention trust was analyzed and understood decently. For better apprehension unfastened interviews were conducted.

The unfastened interviews were conducted with the CEO, Consultant representative, GP representative and the nurse representative, which proved to be rather resourceful.

The interview inquiries were constructed in such a manner that, it helped in better apprehension of what each user of the present system wanted from the new system. Most inquiries revolved around the cardinal thought of how the new system would do their work easier. Besides assorted suggestions were made during the interviews to rush up the procedure and most of the representative agreed to it bit by bit. Finally a list of cardinal demands was constructed maintaining in head the assorted suggestions by different professionals.

Using the key demands Use instance diagrams were included to give a better ocular apprehension of how the system would work.

Overview of Requirements

The Functional and Non-functional demands were assessed during the interviews.

Some of the interview inquiries which helped in coming up with the demand list are:

Name: Will White

Job Title: Nurse Representative

Will directing verification messages through SMS or Email for the engaged assignment aid?


Can you explicate the procedure involved in booking an assignment?

We get transcript of the referral missive and agenda the assignment in… ( Administrators i.e. ) Nurses do n’t acquire involved.

I would love to cognize, what are the top most cardinal inclusions you would wish to see in the new system which would do your work less nerve-racking and relatively easier?

Less cancelled assignments and an easy manner of utilizing freed slots to reach patients to come in earlier for their assignments.

Can you walk me through the stairss that have to be taken to call off a scheduled assignment?

Send out a missive, we have pro-forma missive so it is rather speedy. If short notice we will telephone.

What is the procedure that you follow when the adviser becomes unavailable due to an exigency? How do you cover with patients when they turn up?

If the patient has arrived we will seek to acquire another physician to see them. Sometimes non possible, In this instance we need to re-schedule.

What are the inside informations do u take into history when you ‘re registering a new patient?

Name, reference etc, medical inside informations 9cndition for illustration ) , GP

Will it assist, If we introduce a system which generates a Text SMS automatically when the assignment for the patient gets cancelled, to the patients phone?

.Yes that sounds like good thought, most people have Mobiles now.

Name: Claire Callender

Job Title: Consultant Representative

The GP ‘s are traveling to book patients utilizing your Diary ‘s online ; what kind of patient information you would wish to see sing the concerned patient?

Referral notes, trial consequences

How thirstily are you looking frontward for the new system?

I am looking forward with cautiousness. We need to do certain we get the concern benefits… so, avoiding lost assignments.

How are you be aftering to update your diary calendar when it ‘s introduced in the new system? Are you willing to make it on monthly footing or hebdomadally?

Advisers need at present to update heir handiness for clinics 1 month in advance.. There are, typically, rather a figure of alterations that take topographic point.

I would love to cognize, what are the top most cardinal inclusions you would wish to see in the new system which you think would do your work easier and more efficaciously do good usage of your valuable clip?

Because patients help take the twenty-four hours of assignment, I expect them to call off less. If we can besides easy contact patients that can make full vacant assignments at short notice, this will be good.

Besides the day of the month, clip and the twenty-four hours available in the diary calendar, is at that place anything of import you would wish us to include in the calendar?

Can non believe of anything… . ?

Some clip slots are traveling to be reserved for the urgent/emergency instances. Well, how are you traveling to pull off it along with appointed assignments when we do n’t cognize when an exigency may happen?

Ordinal number, this is non rather it. We do non see exigency instances. Occasionally some advisers may be unavailable because of an pressing instance, or even an exigency admittance… We can get by with this by holding some free clip that can be used to do up any holds if the adviser is called on desperately,

Name: Raj Red

Job Title: GP Representative

Make you stipulate the type of urgency in the referral?

Yes. Most referrals are non pressing but some might agencies I draw attending to urgency or telephone with some excess inside informations.

When u book an assignment for the patient with the adviser, would you like the thought of directing an verification through an automatically generated text SMS along with an appointment missive being sent to him by station?

… Ideally, we do non necessitate a missive – it can wholly be done electronically?

Will it do your work easier if we include a system which generates an automatic referral missive incorporating patient ‘s medical inside informations?

… yes. But we do non necessitate a missive I think?

What are the cardinal characteristics that you ‘re expecting to be in the new system?

Pick adviser and day of the month from an available list, type in referral notes and system automatically generates a referral and sends all he patient inside informations and relevant trial consequences from our GP system… rapidly and expeditiously

Besides the benefit of ; pick between advisers, success rates, waiting period for each infirmary for the patients, is at that place anything of import that you would wish us to include in the new system which would be helpful for the patient while doing assignments?

We do non hold dependable information on success rates. I chiefly need a list of available slots/dates for a adviser who I choose. I can so see if the patient is happy with the day of the months.

Correct me if I ‘m incorrect sir, so ab initio you would wish to mention the patient to the advisers through the electronic mail system replacing the facsimile or telephone and so at the same time want to book assignments for them harmonizing to a adviser of their pick?

– If that ‘s the instance,

Even if you email the Consultant sing the patient, we ca n’t anticipate the adviser to look into his electronic mail every other how can you give an assignment to the patient unless we get an recognition from the adviser?

If the consultant/hospital can print handiness so that we can take appointment slots… . certainly that meets the instance?

If non, can you explicate the procedure how you refer patients to the advisers?

What I want to make is take a adviser, day of the month and clip slot with the understanding of the patient. Then add some referral notes. Press a button and the referral is made.

Consequently the demand list becomes ;

The patient arrives on the appointed day of the month.

The GP goes through the patient ‘s history and cheques for marks and symptoms.

If the patient suffers from a terrible status, the GP would mention it to a specializer ( adviser ) .

The patient is informed that he is being referred to a Consultant.

If the patient does non desire to be referred to a adviser, he/she is informed about his/her status and notes are recorded into the patient ‘s history.

If the patient wants to be referred to a adviser, a bill of fare is displayed to the GP demoing assorted parametric quantities ;

Consultant name ( along with available Day and clip slots )

Referral type ( Routine, pressing, audience )

Hospital Details ( demoing Success rate of the infirmary, waiting period, reference, phone inside informations )

The GP books the assignment utilizing the journals published by the adviser which show the available slots for booking an assignment.

After the patient makes the determination with respect to the adviser of his pick, the GP books the adviser on the day of the month and clip slot with the understanding of the patient.

The GP selects the type of Referral is to be made to the adviser and adds some referral notes if required.

An Email is generated automatically to the adviser saying the type of referral, patient ‘s current job and inquiring him to give his expert advice.

Simultaneously an automatically generated SMS text is sent to the patient ‘s nomadic corroborating them of their engaged assignment.

The patient arrives at the infirmary on the appointed twenty-four hours.

If the patient does non get on the appointed twenty-four hours, the patient is flagged and it is recorded in the patient ‘s history.

Two or three cancellations without any echt ground may ensue in no farther assignments.

The adviser examines the patient on the appointive clip. Patient ‘s medical history is made available for the adviser.

If the adviser becomes unavailable due to an exigency, the patient is either referred to another adviser or if there ‘s an hr ‘s clip for the call offing an assignment, the patient is informed through telephone.

A Text SMS is generated automatically and will be sent to the patient for the off assignment, apologising for the incommodiousness caused.

Patients who seek pressing attention are short-listed and are advised that if a cancellation is being made by the patient, staff could name them on short notice.

Consultant updates diary calendar on monthly footing.

Statisticss Reports such as figure of patients who attended the assignments, those who missed assignments, cancelled assignments, no. of patients who benefited from the audiences are generated as studies on monthly footing for the CEO.

On petition, Patients who wish to entree the online web based system for modifying their engaged assignments are allocated with alone mention figure and watchword, valid for the referral in inquiry.

Non – Functional Requirements:

A user-friendly interface ( HCI ) with comparatively faster entree velocity and easiness of usage.

A relentless database where the records are centrally located in one Database which interlinks all the Blinkwink associated infirmaries, unfastened 24/7.

Each employee associated with the wellness attention is allocated with smart card along with watchword to curtail the degree of entree to the database.

Training to be provided for the front terminal users ( Staff, GP ‘s, and Advisers ) .

Guaranting and keeping patient inside informations confidentiality ( Data Protection Act ) .

Main Use Cases and Specifications

Usecase – Booking an Appointment

Use Case – Booking an Appointment

Brief Description

A patient comes to GP with a job. If the GP finds Patients status to be terrible, he is referred to adviser. The GP books assignment with patients consent on the Date and clip when the patient is available.GP chooses the adviser & A ; confirms day of the month and clip from the patient and books the assignment. An Automatically generated Email is sent to adviser and besides, an SMS with assignment inside informations is sent to patient


Consultant, GP, Patient


Patient demands to be registered with the surgery/clinic.

Availability dates to be published by the Consultant utilizing diary calendar.

Main Flow

GP examines the Patient.

Chooses the adviser, Date and clip with patients consent.

Books assignment.

Email sent to Consultant incorporating assignment inside informations, trial consequences, patient history, and type of referral.

SMS sent to patient incorporating assignment inside informations.

Alternate Flows

Patient does non desire to be seen by Consultant.


An assignment is booked for the patient to be seen by the adviser on the appointed day of the month and clip.

Diary slot is reserved for the patient.

Email sent to adviser.

SMS sent to patient.

3.2 Usecase – Canceling an Appointment

Use Case – Canceling an Appointment

Brief Description

Patient does non get on the appointed twenty-four hours. The patient is flagged and it is recorded in patient ‘s history.

Sometimes the adviser becomes unavailable and the patient is either rebooked or some other adviser is booked for the patient. If there ‘s an hr clip, the staff informs the patient through telephone sing cancellation of the assignment. Besides, an SMS is sent to patient for the incommodiousness caused.


Consultant, Patient, Patient 2, Staff


Patient demands to hold an assignment booked with the adviser.

Short listed patients list to be made in progress.

Main Flow

Patient does non get on the appointive clip.

Patient is flagged and it is stored in patient ‘s history.

Peoples who can come on short notice are recorded and are called by Staff when the patient does non turn up.

If adviser becomes unavailable due to an exigency, the patient is either seen by other adviser or is rebooked.

SMS is sent to the patient for the incommodiousness caused.

Alternate Flows

If patient does non go to the assignment in 2 back-to-back times, the patient is non given any farther assignment unless the ground is echt.


Patient is rebooked.

SMS sent to patient.

3.3 Usecase – Generating Reports

Use Case – Generating studies

Brief Description

Reports are generated which show clinical public presentation of both GP and Consultant on monthly footing.


GP, Consultant, CEO


Patient demands to seen by GP, Consultant.

Main Flow

Number of patients seen by Consultant.

Number of patients who missed assignments.

Clinical public presentation, success rate of adviser is recorded.

Number of times adviser becomes unavailable is recorded.

Number of patients seen by GP.

Everything is analyzed and submitted as studies to the CEO.

Alternate Flows

Adviser may be on Annual leave.

GP may be on Annual Leave.


GP, adviser are audited.

Reports are generated demoing clinical public presentation.

Story Board: Registering Patient, Booking Patient, Updating Diary.

Main Dialogue Specifications

( I ) Story Board – Booking Appointment

( two ) Story Board – Cancel Appointment

( three ) Story Board – Generating studies

Non Functional Requirements

A user-friendly interface ( HCI ) with comparatively faster entree velocity and easiness of usage.

A relentless database where the records are centrally located in one Database which interlinks all the Blinkwink associated infirmaries, unfastened 24/7.

Each employee associated with the wellness attention is allocated with smart card along with watchword to curtail the degree of entree to the database.

Training to be provided for the front terminal users ( Staff, GP ‘s, and Advisers ) .

Guaranting and keeping patient inside informations confidentiality ( Data Protection Act ) .

Possible up-gradation of the system hardware for efficient and smooth running.

Reasonable portal nexus to be used i.e.

An Automated system to bring forth Statistical studies on monthly footing.


The new web based online booking system which is to be introduced, will in general screen all the facets the present system can non expeditiously cover with. The new system will trust on SMS and Email system to direct messages to patients and for send oning referrals to the advisers. The staff in Blinkwink wellness attention trust are in hope that the new system would be easy to utilize and besides cut down their work load at the front-end response line.

This to-be-developed system will do the procedure of cancelling, rebooking, and engagement of assignments in a systematic order. A batch of attention was taken into history to fix the demand list because a successful demand list is that one which understands the user jobs and suggests a simplified solution to that job.

Hopefully with both the functional and non-functional demands the developer squad would be able to develop an efficient system that would work in favor of all the participants involved.i.e. Nurse, GP, Consultant and the CEO.

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