Five Attitudes toward Quality Nursing Care

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The attitude and attack of the nurse in the wellness attention sector is the most of import factor in the life of any patient who wants to be with treated with attention, compassion, regard, empathy and more than that as a human being.

Nursing profession is a most baronial profession from a human-centered angle and apart from assorted accomplishments it requires some traits or attitudes to be cultivated to carry through the cause for which this profession is known.

Florence Luscinia megarhynchos was possibly the first nurse in human history in true sense to possess the traits for which she was known at that clip. She showed to the universe that generous nursing attitude can do a batch of difference in the life of the patient. During the Crimean war, she visited military infirmary at Turkey along with some adult females nurses and made terrific alterations in the infirmary. The mortality rate, which was at 40 % when she entered the infirmary, came down to merely at 2 % . That was the first acknowledgment to the nursing profession that became an built-in portion of the medical intervention as an confidant attention taker. Nightingale became a function theoretical account for future coevalss in nursing profession. ( Quan, Kathy )

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Since so medical scientific discipline has made a batch of advancement in footings of installations and modern equipments but importance of nurse has ne’er diminished.

Attitude of Professionalism:

As the ICN codification of moralss for nursing describes, “ The nurse ‘s primary professional duty is to people necessitating nursing attention.

Professionalism is a foremost and of import attitudinal demand for nurses. The work attitude or professionalism in dispatching the responsibilities is of import for patient ‘s attention and good being. Talking about professionalism implies lodging to the regulations as per the medical guidelines without conveying any emotional factor in between. Among all medical staff, nurses are nearest to the patient and their function is that of attention taker and service supplier, which makes necessity for them to larn the full nursing undertaking and be proficient in it. Breaching professional behaviour means contradicting a responsibility of attention and that may hold serious effects even in legal context.

The procedure of pass oning to the patient and obtaining consent sing a class of intervention through patient ‘s signature on a signifier is one of the of import necessity as a frontline caretaker and this forms a portion of professional attitude for the nurses. The patient ‘s consent is sacred and must be protected while set abouting any nursing process ; nevertheless, when patient is unqualified for physical or mental disability, due to age or unconscious province so consent is required from legal defenders in the best involvements of patient.

By virtuousness of nurse ‘s profession, they hold patient ‘s confidential information and nurses use judgement while sharing them. In order to organize a bond of trust between the patient and wellness attention professional including nurses, it becomes imperative to keep the confidentiality on portion of nurses in all the fortunes.

Nursing attitudes what is desired and what is non desired at times could be subjective but holding listened one existent life incident of one of the patient, it can surely be outlined in more reliable manner.

The patient belonged to a large town in US where she was born and brought up. She was good cognizant of nodules in right chest but she assumed that they were simply benign cysts and that will travel away after some clip and she did n’t pay much attending on it. When she went for her one-year good adult females visit she was asked to travel for immediate mammogram and surgical audience. She listened to the attentiveness and fixed the assignment for a mammogram two hebdomads subsequently.

As she narrated, mammogram medical examination was her unsavory experience. “ Do these technicians and nurses truly care? ” that is what her first experience was. She was entirely, diffident, afraid, and a spot baffled. Professionals go through all this as per the day-to-day modus operandi and they become so impersonal-having no demand to inform what they are traveling to make. One of the nurses was managing her as an unanimated point ; possibly, she had been used to the ambiance. She kept waiting for long hours uniformed about the process. Radiologist conveyed her to confer with a sawbones every bit shortly as possible and was looking disturbance. She assured him that she will non decease and she has lived a full and fantastic life. As per the advice, she went to the sawbones.

After reaching to surgeon ‘s outpatient clinic, she was waiting for her call being extremely concerned and unsure of the result. A sort and fantastic nurse from the clinic office took over her instance. The nurse listened her patiently what she narrated about her experience at the radiotherapist ‘s clinic. Harmonizing to her this nurse was positive, organized and efficient and she helped her experience better. It did non take her longer to understand patient ‘s state of affairs and emotional injury that she had passed through at the radiotherapist ‘s clinic. This nurse took her clip to explicate everything, which was necessary for the patient to cognize and organized the meeting with the sawbones much in front of the clip than it would hold taken her to travel through the regular assignment procedure.

As per the patient the attitude that she liked in the nurse was her Tidiness in forming the things fleetly.

The patient was at her following nursing brush where unnatural mammograms led to biopsy at outpatient surgery centre. The nurses were apathetic and unconcerned. She was escorted in and out often from one topographic point to another and handled like a package. They informed her that it will be unfastened chest biopsy. She was on local anaesthesia but throughout neither she was informed about the process, likely complications nor anybody tried to comfort her feelings. Of class, on discharge they did supply her an direction sheet to follow and advised to reach the clinic in instance of any contraindications or any other concerns.

The biopsy study was with her in following 48 hours and it was clip for her to travel for bilateral mastectomy but the important determination for her was whether to travel for Reconstruction or non. She was referred to a plastic sawbones so she went to discourse some disturbing inside informations. She was lucky to hold some pleasant brush with a nurse who was full of empathy and knowing on this subject. Harmonizing to the patient, she touched her bosom and made her forget her existent job. She gave her a book to read which was about those adult females who in their life did non travel for Reconstruction after the chest remotion operation. She was honest to her profession.

This nurse was genuinely astonishing! She did non take much of the clip to explicate sing the pros and cons of the Reconstruction process. While explicating, she continued with her of import undertakings. She had full empathy with the patient ; she was leaving the inside informations in the mode as if she was taking a determination for her ain ego. At the terminal, the patient had full trust in this nurse. Finally, the patient decided in favour of the Reconstruction. This nurse helped the patient in taking one of import determination at this important occasion. She was at that place at each measure of the operative process and ever provided her the tips to pull off the force per unit area and hurting. She was more like a friend so a nurse.

Empathy and Friendliness are two other of import attitudes that a good nurse should hold in nursing attention.

When the patient entered the infirmary for chest remotion operation, fortunately she found her friend in the function of nurse. Her friend was non merely a seasoned nurse but performed her responsibilities of caring in the dark of her surgery. She provided emotional comfort and the attention that patient requires after the operation. This nurse knew exactly what to make and when to make – to assist her up, to command the room temperature, to travel a tubing, command the trickle to avoid chill, adjust the visible radiation and so on really little things but really of import for the comfort of the patient. She cared and cared for the patient. The patient felt it by bosom and psyche.

Following twenty-four hours during twenty-four hours clip, it was non a pleasant experience with new nurse arrived at the responsibility. When the patient got discharge after 72 hours, she was escorted by a nurse and non a really pleasant experience as she was literally pushed in a wheelchair and so to the infirmary auto without due consideration that her organic structure was non truly ready to take any jar neither physically nor emotionally-yes, emotionally excessively because she had lost her two chests. No particular instructions for future attention or any advice in the event of any contraindications.

She literally cried for hours as she went through the episode of all nursing experiences in the procedure. She realized nursing is a sacred act. Nurse comes in the life of a patient at most important and critical clip as a caring human being-a really intimate lovingness at the most critical occasion of patient ‘s life.

Intimate Caring is an attitude which any patient will ever seek during his or her hard times.

From this anecdote, the following attitudes surface as most critical demands for nursing attention.





Intimate Caring

It may go on that some of the attitudes or traits come of course in the nurse and some demands to be cultivated by experience. It is a profession of deep lovingness physically and emotionally. It is an escapade of self-discovery and deep acquisition.

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